Employment Taxes Seminar

Employment taxes are a constant source of change and complexity for employers.  Despite the increasing pressure being levied by the ATO and Revenue Offices, there are still key risk mitigation measures that can be adopted to raise additional revenue, and value to be found in key cost reduction and refund strategies.

In the current environment, are you able to decipher between the legitimate strategies and those which carry undue risk?

In March 2015, PwC’s leading employment tax specialists are running a series of events across the country which provide key insight into employment tax legislative and policy developments, and ATO and Revenue Office Audit Programs.

Our Annual Employment Taxes Update will provide insight into emerging employment taxes issues, risks and opportunities, with speakers from the ATO, Revenue Offices and PwC.

Full day FBT Practical Workshops will help better equip professionals entrusted with the responsibility of preparing their respective entity’s 2015 FBT return.

For further event details please click here.

To confirm your attendance in the right State and for the correct session please register here.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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